Official parking offers a parking ramp at North 6th Street and McKinley Avenue just north of the arena, with its entrance is on North 5th Street. The ramp can take up to 1,250 cars and is effectively designed to quickly get cars in and out of the parking lot. Almost all tickets are provided electronically, so be sure that your mobile phone is charged and working correctly.

Please ensure to arrive in plenty time for the event, allowing time for unexpected delays, parking, travel to the venue, buying food or drink, and finding your seats before the show starts.

1. 958 N James Lovell Street – 6th & State Lot
0.28 mi walking (5 min)

2. 1225 N Old World Third Street (300 W Juneau Avenue) – Block 5 Lot
0.42 mi walking (8 min)

3. 333 W Kilbourn Avenue – Hyatt Regency Valet
0.53 mi walking (10 min)

4. 822 N Old World 3rd Street – Lot
0.55 mi walking (11 min)

5. 1201 N Edison Street – Lot
0.52 mi walking (10 min)